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On April 21, 1963, Lisbon, it was a friendly match between Portugal and Brazil. After the game, Pele, the best-in-class player, embraced a man with a Chinese face, perhaps because this was the last time the man played for the Portuguese national team. The photographer recorded such a classic historical shot, but the Chinese media has never had any footnotes.


Bailey and Luo Xi embraced after the game


In the 1920s, because of the war, young women fled to Macau from the inland of Guangdong, where they converted to Catholicism and named Luisa Hai (Hai should be Xi). Later, a young guy who came to Macau from Portugal, Rocha, nicknamed "Tiger" broke into her life. The two fell in love, got married, and gave birth to their only son, Lo Sec (Portuguese Augusto). Francisco Rocha).

在1920年代,由于战争,年轻妇女从广东内陆逃到澳门,在那里他们converted依天主教并取名路易莎·海(Hai应该是Xi)。后来,一个从葡萄牙来到澳门的年轻人Rocha绰号“老虎”闯入了她的生活。两人坠入爱河,结婚并生下了他们的独生儿子Lo Sec(葡萄牙人Augusto)。弗朗西斯科·罗查(Francisco Rocha)。

It's a pity that there are unpredictable circumstances. The beautiful family lasted only a few years, but it was broken by Rocha's sudden death. At this time, Luo Xi was only three years old. The young mother took on all the responsibilities of the family. She prayed to the Lord day by day that she would let his son grow up safely and shine.


Luo Xi

luo ξ

Relying on his father's relationship with Portuguese, Luo Xi entered a church elementary school that accommodated Portuguese orphans (now the Macau Bosco Yuehua Primary School, formerly Sao Joao Bosco College). With the growth of Luo Xiping, he showed outstanding football talents. He entered Macau Sporting (Portuguese Sports) at the age of 19. Because of his father’s nickname, he was also affectionately called "Lou Fu Chai)".

依靠父亲与葡萄牙人的关系,罗溪进入一所教会小学,该学校容纳了葡萄牙的孤儿(现为澳门博斯科悦华小学,原为圣若昂博斯科学院)。随着罗希平的成长,他展现了杰出的足球才能。他19岁进入澳门体育(Portuguese Sports),由于父亲的绰号,他也被亲切地称为“楼夫仔”。

At this time, the Macau Palace was chaired by Antonio Conceicao, who was also the first Macau citizen to win the Portuguese national sprint championship. As a loyal fan of the Portuguese sports team, Conceicao is determined to cultivate talents in Macau. He used his relationship in Portugal to decide to send two young talents from the team to Portugal to play, including the young ones. Luo Xi.

此时,澳门皇宫由安东尼奥·康塞考(Antonio Conceicao)主持,他也是首位获得葡萄牙国家短跑冠军的澳门市民。作为葡萄牙体育队的忠实拥护者,Conceicao决心在澳门培养人才。他利用在葡萄牙的关系决定派遣两名年轻才俊到葡萄牙参加比赛,其中包括年轻才俊。罗熙

The mother is worried about her children, but how can a great mother hinder her child from pursuing dreams? In order not to hinder the development of her son, her mother Luisa decided to let her dependent children follow Conceicao to pursue their dreams in his father's homeland. However, Luo Xi, who grew up with an authentic Cantonese family, does not even speak a coherent Portuguese.


However, football has always been a world where the strong is king and the strength speaks. Since coming to Lisbon in 1954, Luo Xi quickly rose from the Portuguese sports B team to the first team. In 1955, he represented the first team in 17 games and scored two goals. Yanran is the main force of the team, and at this time he is only 20 years old.

但是,足球一直是强者为王,强者说话的世界。自1954年来到里斯本以来,罗希迅速从葡萄牙B队晋升为第一队。 1955年,他代表17场比赛的一线队进了两个球。 Yanran是车队的主力军,目前他只有20岁。

Subsequently, the University of Coimbra extended an olive branch to Luo Xi, the team not only provided him with a main contract, but also helped him complete his studies in school. Perhaps Luo Xi did not expect that this time the transfer will be 14 years. In the past 14 years, 365 appearances, 58 goals, 7 Portuguese national team appearances, 1 Portuguese Super runner-up, so that Luo Xi has become a team monument. Even after Rosie retired, his son Miguel Rocha, who took over from his father, played 455 times for the University of Coimbra in 18 years. This number of appearances is enough to make him a team history. First person.

随后,科英布拉大学向罗西伸出了橄榄枝,该团队不仅为他提供了主要合同,还帮助他完成了在校学习bobo体育直播。也许罗希没想到这次的转会将是14年。在过去的14年中,365次出场,58个进球,7次葡萄牙国家队出场,1位葡萄牙超级联赛亚军,使罗西成为了球队的丰碑。甚至在Rosie退休后,他的儿子Miguel Rocha(由父亲接任)在18年中为科英布拉大学演奏了455次。出场次数足以使他成为一支球队历史。第一个人。

In 1971, the 36-year-old "Lou FuChai" Luo Xi decided to bid farewell to the stadium and return to his peaceful life. In 1979, he opened a Cantonese restaurant, Lung Wah, in Coimbra. According to Luo Xi's daughter Paula Rocha, this may be the oldest Chinese restaurant in central Portugal. Later, the mother also came to Portugal to reunite with her son Luo Xi, where she died peacefully.

1971年,现年36岁的“楼夫柴”罗西决定告别体育场,恢复他的和平生活。 1979年,他在科英布拉开设了一家广东餐馆Lung Wah。据罗溪的女儿宝拉·罗查(Paula Rocha)称,这可能是葡萄牙中部最古老的中餐馆。后来,母亲也来到葡萄牙,与儿子罗西团聚,在那里安息。

Luisa Hai and son Luo Xi in his later years

路易莎·海(Luisa Hai)和儿子罗希(Luo Xi)在晚年

Today, 85-year-old Luo Xi still adheres to the habit of a Cantonese with his beloved Longhua Restaurant. Every day, he is still like before, drinking morning tea and waiting for the first table of guests.......

时至今日,现年85岁的罗曦(Buo Xi)仍以他钟爱的龙华饭店(Longhua Restaurant)秉承广东人的习惯。每天,他仍然像以前一样,喝早茶,等待第一桌客人。

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