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Barkley upgrades Dean Smith lineup Source: http://www.avillafan.com/32735/ross-barkleys-quality-changes-dean-smiths-villa/amp/?__twitter_impression=true by John Townley Ross Barkley had a glorious start at Villa Park-his first performance on the Villa jersey convinced fans that this season could reach unexpected heights. Last season, the club captain Jack Glarish often became the winner of the game or the savior of Villa. They urgently need more high-quality players, but the club has always lacked quality supplements in the transfer market. After signing Oli Watkins, the addition of Ross Barkley further improved Villa's firepower this season. Olly Watkins' perfect hat trick on his debut was the first time in the Premier League since Vera's Tommy Johnson in 1995. Although reducing the dependence on Glarish is not something that Villa's No. 10 must consider, it is also his responsibility to lead the club to win the game. But now as Villa has made the best start to the Premier League season, Barkley's joining has also proved to be helpful to Glarish's overall performance. Although Glarish still attracts several markrs and usually receives 5 to 10 fouls during a 90-minute game, Barkley is another opponent who is usually only responsible for limiting Glarish’s influence. Big problem. With the progressing John McGinn before passing to Barkley, Glarish "jumped" from Timothy Castani and passed the ball, allowing Barkley to confidently cross the midfield. . Vera finally conquered the King Power Stadium and won the points for the game. Because the active running of Glalish and McGinn made room for other teammates, it proves that Villa's energetic offense will cause a lot of trouble for many teams this season. After spending a long summer in West London last month, Barkley came to Villa Park on loan after Chelsea lost his starter. In particular, the introduction of Haverts by Chelsea seems to have ended Barkley's two and a half years at Stamford Bridge, and now he has once again attracted national attention at Villa. Barkley played an important role in his debut against Liverpool, contributing a goal in this classic game that will become a Premier League classic, and making 26 accurate passes in the game where Villa swept the defending champion. Now, following his scoring of the winning goal at King Power Stadium, Dean Smith has added strength to a team that has almost no top-level league experience except Jack Glarish. Villa captain Glarish kept texting him during Barkley’s transfer, trying to persuade the former Everton player to regain the form he had in Mexiside in his early years. The chemistry of the two on the court is becoming more and more obvious. "We are teammates off the court and we know each other very well," Barkley said when he was on loan to Villa Park. “We’ve talked about it before and I’m looking forward to playing with him. Over the past few weeks, I’ve talked to him and he has been telling me how good the club is and how good I will be when I come here. popular." Although Glarish believes that he can perform at his best, Glarish once again started the journey of the new season with an extraordinary state. In Aston Villa's first four games, he contributed six goals, which supported Smith's decision to use Glalish and Barkley at the same time. When Smith's Villa defeated Sheffield United and Fulham with a solid victory in their second Premier League season, Villa fans were salivating at the prospect of seeing the two combined. Maintaining a perfect start in the games against Liverpool and Leicester-Villa's offensive combination was the main factor in Villa's success at the beginning of the season. Chelsea coach Frank Lampard once praised Barkley's desire to improve his player's ability, and he publicly praised the player's "desire to learn." Vera's newcomer even hired a personal chef to improve his diet-these small privileges reflect Barkley's personality and his willingness to develop and achieve in Vera Park. After vying to introduce Barkley, the Toffee, played 179 times and contributed 55 goals, he has been enjoying this opportunity coveted by some of the top European clubs. Former Everton captain Tim Cahill praised Barkley as the most talented player he has ever worked with. The midfielder made his debut in Everton’s first home game of the 2011-12 season and won The best player. His early performance was highly praised by many authorities, including Martin Keown, who predicted that Barkley will be "one of the best players we have seen in this country" Barkley has been in the spotlight since he was very young, so we naturally compare him with the young Wayne Rooney. Now that the 26-year-old midfielder is approaching his golden age, he needs to prove his strength. Winning a place in the 2021 European Cup in England is the "carrot" before the end of the season-Vera will be the beneficiary of Barkley's attention this season. Barkley devoted himself to Villa's new season. He knows that if he can perform well like Glarish, Louis and McGinn, his position in England is a certainty, and Smith's Villa will be better because of it.

巴克利升级迪恩·史密斯阵容 资料来源:http://www.avillafan.com/32735/ross-barkleys-quality-changes-dean-smiths-villa/amp/?__twitter_impression=true 约翰·汤利(John Townley) 罗斯·巴克利(Ross Barkley)在比利亚·帕克(Villa Park)拥有辉煌的开局,他在比利亚·泽西(Villa jersey)的首场表演使球迷们相信本赛季可以达到意想不到的高度。 上赛季,俱乐部队长杰克·格拉里什(Jack Glarish)经常成为比赛的获胜者bobo体育网站或比利亚(Villa)的救星。他们迫切需要更多高素质的球员,但是俱乐部在转会市场上一直缺乏优质的补品。 在签下奥利·沃特金斯之后,罗斯·巴克利的加盟进一步提高了维拉本赛季的火力。奥利·沃特金斯(Olly Watkins)首次亮相完美的帽子戏法是自1995年维拉(Vera)的汤米·约翰逊(Tommy Johnson)以来bobo体育网站的首次英超联赛。 尽管减少对格莱利什的依赖并不是维拉10号必须考虑的事情,但领导俱乐部赢得比赛也是他的责任。但是现在,由于比利亚取得了英超联赛最佳开局,巴克利的加盟也被证明对格莱里什的整体表现很有帮助。 尽管格bobo体育直播莱里什仍然吸引数个标记,并且通常在90分钟的比赛中会受到5到10次犯规,但巴克利是另一个对手,通常只负责限制格莱里什的影响力。大问题。 随着约翰·麦金(John McGinn)的进步,在传到巴克利之前,格莱里什(Glarish)从蒂莫西·卡斯塔尼(Timothy Castani)“跳下”球并传球,让巴克利自信地越过了中场。 。维拉最终征服了国王力量体育场,并赢得了比赛积分。由于格莱利兹和麦金的积极奔跑为其他队友腾出了空间,这证明比利亚的精力充沛的进攻将为本赛季的许多球队带来很多麻烦。 上个月在西伦敦度过了一个漫长的夏天之后,巴克利在切尔西失去首发后借到了维拉公园。尤其是切尔西引入“土蜂”似乎已经结束了巴克利在斯坦福桥的两年半时间,现在他再次在维拉引起了全国关注。 巴克利在对阵利物浦的首场比赛中发挥了重要作用,为这场经典比赛贡献了一个进球,这将成为英超联赛的经典,并在维拉席卷卫冕冠军的比赛中准确传了26球。现在,继在国王权力球场(King Power Stadium)获得胜利进球之后,迪恩·史密斯(Dean Smith)为除了杰克·格拉里什(Jack Glarish)之外几乎没有顶级联赛经验的球队增添了力量。 别墅队长格莱里斯(Glarish)在巴克利(Barkley)转会期间一直向他发短信,试图说服前埃弗顿球员恢复他早年在墨西赛德(Mexiside)的状态。两者在球场上的化学作用越来越明显。 巴克利在租借给维拉公园时说:“我们是场外的队友,我们彼此非常了解。” “我们之前已经讨论过了,我很期待和他一起玩。在过去的几周里,我已经与他交谈,他一直在告诉我俱乐部的实力以及我来这里时的实力。流行。” 尽管格莱里什(Glarish)相信自己可以做到最好,但格莱里什(Glarish)再次以非凡的状态开始了新赛季的旅程。在阿斯顿维拉的前四场比赛中,他贡献了六个进球,这支持了史密斯同时使用Glalish和Barkley的决定。 当史密斯的比利亚在第二个英超联赛中以稳固的胜利击败谢菲尔德联和富勒姆时,比利亚的球迷垂涎三尺,希望看到两者结合。在对阵利物浦和莱斯特-维拉的进攻组合中保持完美的开局是维拉在本赛季初取得成功的主要因素。 切尔西教练兰帕德(Frank Lampard)曾经赞扬巴克利(Barkley)改善球员能力的愿望,他公开赞扬了球员的“学习欲望”。维拉的新来者甚至聘请了一位私人厨师来改善饮食-这些小特权反映了巴克利的个性以及他在维拉公园发展和实现的意愿。 在争夺引进巴克利后,太妃糖出场179次并贡献了55个进球,他一直享受着一些欧洲顶级俱乐部梦opportunity以求的机会。埃弗顿前队长蒂姆·卡希尔(Tim Cahill)称赞巴克利是他曾经合作过的最有才华的球员。这位中场球员在埃弗顿2011-12赛季的首场主场比赛中首次亮相,并赢得了最佳球员奖。 他的早期表现得到了包括马丁·基恩(Martin Keown)在内的许多当局的高度评价,他预测巴克利将成为“我们在这个国家见过的最好的球员之一”。 Barkley自从他很小的时候就一直受到关注,因此我们自然将他与年轻的Wayne Rooney进行比较。 现在,这位26岁的中场正接近他的黄金年龄,他需要证明自己的实力。在本赛季结束前赢得2021年欧洲杯英格兰冠军是“红萝卜”,Vera将成为巴克利本赛季关注的受益者。 巴克利致力于维拉的新赛季。他知道,如果他能像格拉里什(Glarish),路易(Louis)和麦金(McGinn)一样出色地表现,那么他在英格兰的位置是确定的,史密斯别墅将因此而变得更好。

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