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When the time came to May 2013, the alternative "Two Lakes Derby" started at the Central South University Stadium. Hunan Xiangtao defeated Hubei Huakaier 2:1, and later the Xinjiang Snow Leopards. And in Huakell’s list, there are names familiar to Xiangtao fans——


Speaking of Mitch Brown, what people talk about most is his experience when he joined Brescia at a young age. In 2001, Brescia, Baggio and "Sleeping Skin" Pirlo are a seamless match with double stars. Guardiola, Tony, Tare, Apia and other stars also play for this team. However, the talented Brown did not become Baggio's "Shadow Warrior", but fell into an unknown corner. However, returning to the Honduran Giants Marathon (East), he still showed his characteristics-strong impact and comprehensive shooting (except for the instability of penalty kicks). From the current point of view, except for the different locations, others can be called the "poor version" Adama Traore. Honduras, as a small football country, has few players in the top five leagues. Brown can be included in Serie A, which is enough to show his strength.

说到米奇·布朗,人们谈论最多的是他年轻时加入布雷西亚的经历。在2001年,布雷西亚(Brescia),巴乔(Baggio)和“睡觉的皮肤”皮尔洛(Sirping Skin)Pirlo是双星的无缝比赛。瓜迪奥拉,托尼,皮尔,阿皮亚等明星也为这支球队效力。然而,才华横溢的布朗并没有成为巴乔的“影子勇士”,而是陷入了一个未知的角落。然而,回到洪都拉斯巨人马拉松赛(东部),他仍然展现出他的特点-强烈的冲击力和全面的投篮能力(罚球不稳定)。从当bobo体育网站前的角度来看,除了不同的位置外,其他人都可以称为“穷人版”阿达玛·特拉奥雷。洪都拉斯作为一个足球小国,在前五名联赛中几乎没有球员。布朗可以加入意甲,这足以显示他的实力。

(Early photos of Brown)


Brown's connection with Changsha before coming to the Xiangtao team came from the Changsha Jinde team of the Chinese Super League. Brown joined the Chinese Super League Qingdao Zhongneng team in the 2008 season. On October 11, 2008, Changsha Jinde played against Qingdao at home. However, in that game, the famous defensive Jinde team lost 1-5 to Qingdao at home. The team, so far, that game is still the most painful loss since Jin Denan moved to Hunan. In that game,

在加入湘涛队之前,布朗与长沙的联系来自中国超级联赛的长沙金德队。布朗在2008赛季加入了中国超级联赛青岛中能队。 2008年10月11日,长沙金德主场对阵青岛。但是,在那场比赛中,著名的防守金德队在主场以1-5输给了青岛。到目前为止,那支球队仍然是自金德南转会湖南以来最痛苦的一场比赛。在那个游戏中

(2008.10.11 Qingdao VS Changsha [Today Guangzhou R&F] Brown)


It is a pity that Brown left China a year later and returned to the Honduras Marathon. After changing hands, he won the league golden boot and championship.


(Brown in the energy era)


If Brown in 2008 is a glimpse, then Brown in 10 years will love Changsha and Xiangtao. In 2010, Brown joined Hunan Xiangtao to attack Hunan Xiangtao. He and the current coach Wang Chen's combination of "one hard and one fast" was Xiang Tao's killer in the first half.

如果说布朗在2008年是一瞥,那么十年后的布朗会爱上长沙和湘涛。 2010年,布朗加入湖南湘桃,进攻湖南湘桃。他和现任教练王晨的组合“一劳永逸”是上半年的杀手er。

(Brown in 2010)


In the 11 season, in order to achieve the higher goals of the team, the club hired a compatriot partner for Mitch Brown, the main center of the Honduras national team, Palacios. The tacit understanding of the two further activated Brown's offensive talent. This season, the Xiangtao team is fully fired. Ike Remu, who has returned to the team, often staged a lore. "Long-shot King" Yang Baoming is also in hot form.

在第11个赛季中,为了实现球队更高的目标,俱乐部为洪都拉斯国家队的主要中锋帕拉西奥斯聘请了同胞伙伴米奇·布朗。对这两人的默契进一步激发了布朗的进攻才能。这个赛季,湘涛队被全面解雇。回到球队的艾克·雷姆(Ike Remu)经常上演绝杀。 “远射王”杨宝明也很热。

See you again and have become opponents. When the black hurricane set off the waves from Dongting to Huangshi, Brown was the same Brown, and Xiangtao was the same Xiangtao in 11 years. That season, Hubei Huakaier replaced the "parallel importer" Asu with Brown, and broke the Shenzhen Red Diamond led by Trussier in the 16th round of the Chinese League-in that game, Brown scored twice and became him China Another and last "famous scene" in his career. That season, he became the relegation hero of Hubei Huakaier with 6 goals and teammate Adair.


(2013 Brown shows off his muscles after a second brace)


The offense is like the wind, and always accompanies me-borrowing Yasuo's lines to summarize Mitch Brown's Xiang Tao, and even the years of China can't be overstated. Brown is still able to rise against the trend even after his youthful ups and downs. It is a classic case of practical foreign aid, and it will definitely be remembered in the hearts of Xiangtao fans.

进攻就像风一样,总是伴随着我借用Yasuo的台词来概括Mitch Brown的《向涛》,甚至连中国的岁月也不能被夸大。即使在他年轻的起伏之后,布朗仍然能够逆势而上。这是实用外援的经典案例,肯定会在湘涛球迷的心中被记住。

(Some are taken from the official account of Xiangtao Fan Assistant and Encyclopedia, the rest are original)


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