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In September 2017, Tianjin TEDA suffered eleven league rounds under the effect of the "summer syndrome". The bright prospect of relegation suddenly became precarious. In order to improve the appearance and performance of the team, the club decided to change the coaching team. Uli Stielike took over the job of South Korean coach Li Linsheng, along with Stielike’s long-time friend Carlos Armua, who became The new assistant coach of the Tianjin TEDA team.

2017年9月,天津泰达在“夏季综合症”的影响下经历了11轮联赛。保级的光明前景突然变得pre可危。为了改善球队的外观和表现,俱乐部决定更换教练队。乌里·斯蒂克利克(Uli Stielike)和史蒂克利克(Stielike)的老朋友卡洛斯·阿玛(Carlos Armua)接任了韩国教练李林生的工作,后者成为天津泰达队的新助理教练。

As a native Argentine, Carlos followed his father to accept the influence of the football atmosphere from an early age, and after a short career, he transformed into a football coach. After starting his coaching career, Carlos has sweated and worked hard in Switzerland, Qatar, South Korea and other countries. Since the first time he became a working partner with Stillik, the two have had more than ten years of friendship and fate. After TEDA threw out the olive branch, Carlos and his old friends came to China to accept new challenges. What changed was the new working environment, and what remained unchanged was the respect and silent contribution as always. Carlos said, "I don't want to be the core of the coaching staff, but most of the coaches I work with respect my philosophy and I am very happy to work with them."


Such an old man, always set an example in the team training, the Jiao Fitness shadow leading the team to run hides his true age; he can always integrate Stillik's technical and tactical requirements into the warm-up training, slow Slowly discovering the personality of each player and teaching him in accordance with his aptitude, he is also affectionately called the "Second Master" by Tianjin fans. Before leaving, Carlos specially recorded a video for TEDA fans, sending good wishes to the fans, saying that he had spent three years in Tianjin.




1. We understand that you have transformed from a player to a football coach. Was it influenced by your father? What challenges does such a role change need to go through?


I have always felt that my father has a vital influence on my career. He is the youth coach of Aveyaneda Athletic Football Club (note: a team in the Argentine Football League). I From a very young age, I often go to the players' locker room and training ground. It was my father who made me accept this kind of atmosphere since I was young.


My coaching philosophy is to always respect the ideas of the technical staff first, and train in accordance with the requirements of the head coach. I don’t want to be the core of the coaching staff, but most of the coaches I work with respect my philosophy very much. I am very happy. Work with them. The so-called "my coaching philosophy" is training with the ball. The coaches respect each other's training mode. Everyone will start from the game and follow the coach's ideas for training.


We met in a school in Sion, Switzerland before the start of the season in June 2008. As I mentioned in the previous interview, loyalty to him is a very important condition. If you are not loyal and honest, It is impossible to stand beside a great coach like Stillik.


Antonio and I are mainly responsible for assisting Stillik with physical and technical training. But more important than training is that we respect Stillik’s way of reading the game and the methods and systems he uses, and we often give our opinions because Stillik allows us to participate.


This is the prerequisite for the coach to carry out his work. Antonio and I prepared training in accordance with Stylik's requirements to help Stylik play the best level of the team. To

这是教练开展工作的前提。 Antonio和我根据Stylik的要求准备了培训,以帮助Stylik发挥团队的最佳水平。至

I enjoy every day on the training ground very much. It is too difficult for me to choose a specific moment, but what impressed me was that the 26th round of the 2017 season was only a few days away from the match against Tianjin Quanjian. , Our players were able to quickly adjust in a short period of time after a fiasco with Changchun Yatai, and we finally won the game 4-1. I still remember that when we finally finished seventh in the league this season, the efforts of all our players and technical staff were worthwhile.

我每天在训练场上都很喜欢。我很难选择一个特定的时刻,但令我印象深刻的是,2017赛季的第26轮距离与天津全剑的比赛只有几天的路程。 ,在与长春亚泰惨败之后,我们的球员能够在短时间内迅速进行调整,最终我们以4-1赢得了比赛。我仍然记得,当我们最终在本赛季排名联盟第七时,我们所有球员和技术人员的努力都是值得的。

I have always liked running very much. Running will make me happy and keep me in shape. This is just my personal hobby. I don't want to prove anything. Maybe someone else will have a better way to stay in shape.


Nothing special, our coaches just keep their professionalism as always and adopt simple and direct training methods. Ball training is very practical in the game. We trust the players, we have created a good atmosphere for their training, and the rest is left to the players themselves.


I think the psychological aspect is very important. The players are never slacking and full of ambition, and we already have a lot of players with enough strength to achieve the set goals. In fact, in 2018, we were basically ready to complete our goals, but due to accidental injuries, the bench was not deep enough to complete our goals. In the second year, through everyone's joint efforts, we achieved our goals perfectly.


The biggest challenge is not sure when the game will start, but the players have shown their good professionalism. Although training was interrupted several times, when we returned to the training ground, the players were in very good condition. Not bad.


The absence of foreign aid is definitely a major reason. Chinese players trust them very much. Although the performance of domestic aid can be said to be satisfactory, they lack the “finishing touch” that can make the team chemically react. We only have 3 foreign aids. Among them, Jonathan was injured shortly after the beginning of the league, and Bastians was affected by the epidemic and only returned to the team at the last minute. More unfortunately, Achim Peng's shoulder was injured in another game. Fortunately, the team currently has 5 foreign players. I believe the team's performance will improve in the future.

缺少外国援助绝对是主要原因。中国球员非常信任他们。尽管可以说家政服务的表现令人满意,但它们缺乏使团队发生化学反应的“画龙点睛”。我们只有3个外援。其中,乔纳森(Jonathan)在联赛开始后不久受伤,巴斯蒂安(Bastians)受疫病影响,仅在最后一分钟才返回。更不幸的是,阿奇姆·彭(Achim Peng)的肩膀在另一场比赛中受伤。幸运的是,球队目前有5名外国球员。我相信该团队的绩效将来会有所改善。

This is something that the team's technical staff considers. While arranging strict training for the players, there must be entertainment and relaxation. Because these relaxing training programs are very beneficial to the players, they can relax their minds and improve their creativity.


In daily training and life, I will slowly discover the personality of each player, and try my best to treat each of them fairly. Among them, those with leadership will naturally highlight. Of course, there will be someone responsible for conveying our ideas, but this is not the case. In order to develop my personal philosophy, I strive to pursue something, because one-on-one conversation can understand the strengths and weaknesses of each player, so it is also the task of the coach to teach students in accordance with their aptitude. In addition, the coach should proceed from the overall situation, which will promote the development of the entire team, not just the operation of the team.


The experience in South Korea is very meaningful to me. When we played against the Chinese team, what I saw was a battle-tested team like fighters. Although we didn’t play a lot, we could What is certain is that the Chinese team has been fighting for victory. The Chinese team won us without dispute,


Of course, from every angle, Chinese football is definitely different from football in other Asian countries. From the structure to the players and many other aspects are very different. I really like coaching in these countries, but I don’t agree with a certain country’s team by emphasizing the gap. Every team is trying their best to play and improve. This is the most important thing.


Just like my previous overall evaluation of Chinese football, the same is true for Tianjin TEDA. This is not a failure of the coach. I think the work of scouts should be strengthened and committed to cultivating young people. Coaches should also pay more attention to young players and Promote them to a higher rank.


I am very lucky. My wife always accompanies me. Except this year because of the epidemic, we can’t go out. We used to go hiking, visit nearby places, go to restaurants, and sometimes we also meet with the family of Chinese coaches. , Our relationship is very good.

我真幸运。我老婆总是陪着我。除了今年因为流行病之外,我们不能外出。我们曾经去远足,参观附近的地方,去餐馆,有时我们还会和中国教练家见面。 ,我们的关系很好。

I visited the Great Wall of China and traveled to Xi'an. My wife visited many other attractions. I couldn't visit all the attractions I wanted to visit due to work reasons, and China is really too big. I have been very fond of Chinese food since a long time ago, and my family also likes it very much. We always gather together in Argentina and taste a variety of Chinese dishes. Except for the spicy food that we can't bear, we find all other Chinese dishes very delicious.


Fortunately, two of my three children brought their family and friends to China to see me. For them, it was an unforgettable experience. They learned about different cultures. For me, I am very happy to share my happy time in China with my family.


In the football field, you never know what is waiting for you. As far as work is concerned, I will not refuse all possibilities, but I am approaching the age of retirement. In fact, not only do I want to work in China, but I also have many countries where I want to work, but this is just a wish of mine. I did not regard it as a goal that I must accomplish.


After many years of contact with my players, the emotions between us can no longer be expressed by words. I hope that the things we try to pass on, instill, and leave a mark on them, they can always keep. This is my good wish for them. Thank them for everything they have done for us. They are getting better and better in their daily training, which is why we choose to stay here year after year without hesitation. It is a blessing to train with them.


In addition, I want to say to our fans and friends that we have felt your hospitality for many years. At the time of parting, you also made us feel that we are recognized and that our efforts for so many years have not been in vain. I will never forget the warmth of the fans, especially even though we have left the club and even if the language is not fluent, many fans will still keep in touch with us.


Thank you very much for taking the time to interview me, and I hope your career development will get better and better. I want to give you two words, passion and honesty. These two words affect my entire career. I hope that they can also apply to you. Thank you very much, and salute you!




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