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bobo体育网站-CBA体测取消卧推和深蹲 张兆旭曾意外受伤

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  辽沈晚报首席记者 高鹏

  辽沉晚报首席记者 高鹏

   For the CBA league, physical testing has always been a controversial topic. After all, from the perspective of basketball leagues around the world, it is rare to organize all players in the league to conduct unified physical tests like the CBA; but from the current situation of Chinese basketball, physical tests have practical significance.


   But no matter how controversial the experience has been over the years, the CBA Alliance still insisted on implementing this system. It's just that in this process, from the form to the content of the physical examination, many changes have been experienced. Especially this year, affected by various aspects, the CBA physical test also introduced a new set of regulations and standards, and successfully attracted rare attention in recent years.


Today, the Liaoning Bengang Men’s Basketball Team will officially conduct this year’s CBA physical test. This reporter interviewed the relevant person in charge of the Liaoning Basketball Team to see how the Liaoning Basketball Team has prepared for the physical test in recent times to ensure that all members can get it smoothly. The "post card" for the new season.


   There are three changes in this year’s physical test compared to previous years


Regarding the upcoming physical test, the relevant person in charge of Liao Basketball said: “In fact, this year’s physical test has received very high attention from the outside world, especially the fan group. This is mainly due to the fact that this year’s physical test has taken place both in terms of rules and form. Many changes have increased the topicality and mystery of the body test in disguise."


   It is understood that there are three main changes in this year's CBA physical test compared with previous years. The first is that the content of the physical examination has been greatly adjusted, and the second is that the range of participants in the physical examination has become larger than in previous years. The last point is that the time and place of the physical examination are more flexible.


   First of all, in terms of the content of physical examination,


   In fact, since the CBA physical test was implemented, there has been controversy about whether the content of the physical test is scientific and reasonable. After the injury of Zhang Zhaoxu, the CBA Alliance is also the first to schedule and will further study the scientific rationality of the physical test methods and content. In the end, the two strength tests of bench press and squat were directly cancelled this season, and only the speed endurance test and the intensity shooting test were retained.


  Secondly, the scope of participants in this year's physical test has also been expanded, almost equivalent to full participation. In fact, when the CBA first conducted the physical test, it required all local players to participate. However, as players were injured during the implementation of the physical test, the league narrowed the scope of the physical test and changed the original participation of all members into a "random test". "For example, last season, each team only selected two players to participate in the physical test.

其次,今年体检的参加者范围也有所扩大,几乎相当于完全参加。实际上,当CBA首次进行身体测试时,它要求所有本地球员参加。但是,由于球员在进行身体检查过程中受伤,联盟缩小了身体检查的范围,并将所有成员的原始参加改为“随机检查”。 “例如,上赛季,每支球队只选了两名球员参加身体测试。

   But this year, the CBA physical test again requires all local players to participate. Except for individual eligible players who can be exempted from the test, everyone else must pass the physical test to qualify for the game in the new season. Therefore, this year's physical test has once again become a necessary process for every player to obtain the league's "job certificate".


   The last point is that the time and place of the physical examination have become more flexible. In the past physical test, whether it was full participation or random test, basically all participants were tested in a concentrated time and place. However, this year, affected by various objective factors, the CBA League also gave each team more flexibility. Each team can decide the time for the physical test within the specified time frame, and the location only needs to be in the local area where the team is located. OK.


   Polish the team's skills and tactics while not forgetting to take physical tests


   The physical test of the Liao basketball team is about to be carried out today, which is relatively late, because most of the teams have already completed the physical test one after another. It's just that under the new rules, there is no difference between early and late, as long as the team itself is prepared accordingly.


From this point of view, although the physical test arrangement of the Liaoning Basketball Team seems a bit late, their preparation time is also more adequate. The main purpose is to ensure that the players can pass at one time and successfully obtain the "post permit for the new season." ". After all, in the teams that have finished physical tests before, there have been cases where individual players failed to pass. This not only made the players spend more energy to prepare for the supplementary test, but also disrupted the whole team to a certain extent. Training plan.

从这个角度看,虽然辽宁男篮的体bobo体育直播能测试安排似乎有些晚,但他们的备战时间也比较充足。主要目的是确保球员可以一次通过并成功获得“新赛季的发球许可证”。 “毕竟,在之前完成身体测试的球队中,有些情况下个别球员未能通过。这不仅使球员们花费更多的精力准备补充测试,而且使整个球队陷入混乱。在一定程度上制定培训计划。

   You must know that this year's CBA league is very special. After a long interruption and difficult rematch, the entire schedule of the previous season was not ended until mid-August. The opener of the new season has been confirmed on October 17, which is equivalent to only two short months of the entire offseason. Such an urgent offseason has never been experienced by any team, so it is a very big challenge to race against time in the limited time to prepare for the previous six months.


   As the finals team of last season, it was one of the two teams that entered the offseason the latest. And in the offseason, the team also experienced a brand new reorganization of the coaching staff, and made certain adjustments to the team lineup, promoted a number of young players into the team in the inside position, and also rented out through exchanges. Zhu Rongzhen, the young center of the Shandong team. In the guard position, after Gao Shiyan was transferred to the Shandong team, he also faced the rearrangement of the guard line personnel rotation. These tasks require the coaching staff to spend a lot of time in daily training to adjust and run in.


   But while making adjustments to the team's lineup, as well as rehearsing and adapting skills and tactics, the Liaoning Basketball Team cannot relax its preparation for physical testing. Because originally the team entered the offseason late, and the players return to the team late after the holiday, it takes a certain amount of time to rebuild their physical reserves.


   Yang Ming, who has just been promoted to the team's head coach, introduced the team's recent preparations, and he also made it clear that despite many difficulties, the players are more engaged in training and the quality of training is better.


   "The coaching staff is also using training methods and appropriately increasing the intensity. While polishing the team's skills and tactics, it also does not forget to take into account the upcoming physical tests. I believe everyone will pass it," said Yang Ming.


  Han Dejun still takes the initiative to train despite being granted the "exempt" quota


   It can be said that the smooth passing of the physical test is the biggest goal of the Liaoning Basketball Team, but it requires the joint efforts of the coaching staff and the players, and the process is definitely not that easy.


   Regarding this, Yang Ming also admitted frankly that it is indeed difficult to make a good balance between preparing for the league and preparing for the physical test. "Because all teams want to participate in the physical test in a healthy state to ensure that they pass, but so close to the league, there must be a lot of confrontation in normal training, so this is a contradiction."

关于这一点,杨明还坦率地承认,在为联赛做准备和为身体检查做准备之间确实很难取得良好的平衡。 “因为所有的球队都希望以健康的状态参加体格检查以确保他们通过,但是离联赛如此之近,在正常训练中必须有很多对抗,所以这是一个矛盾。”

   However, after research, the coaching staff of Liao Basketball still worked out its own preparation strategy. Yang Ming said: "What we have done for a while is to focus on the training for the new season competition. As for the physical test, we use a large amount of training and confrontation intensity. Improve the players' physical reserves."


Of course, because the two most critical items in the physical test, the strength shooting test and the speed endurance test, both have a very clear test process. Therefore, while ensuring the team's technical and tactical training, Liaoning Basketball also conducts these two physical tests. A specialized simulation training was performed.


Especially for the speed endurance test, it has always been the most "tortured" test for players, and it is also dubbed by the players as "17% off the devil". This has very high requirements on the player's physical reserve, and it is also the most prone to "fall behind "One of the circumstances. In the history of Liaoning Basketball Team participating in physical tests, the passing rate of this project is still very high, but there have also been cases where Li Xiaoxu was injured in the test. So in general, this item is definitely the most critical link in physical test preparations.


It is worth mentioning that the Liao basketball team has decided to give the team captain Han Dejun the only "exempt" place in the team. He is not only the oldest player on the team, but also as a large center on the field, in the speed endurance test. It is also very expensive.


   As the captain, Han Dejun, without the need to participate in physical tests, still carried out daily speed endurance test simulation training with other players, and exercised his physical fitness in this way.


   In addition, the small foreign aid Mayo, who will continue to represent the Liao basketball team in the new season, also actively joined the simulation training of this kind of return run. In fact, as a foreign aid, Mayo does not need to participate in physical examinations at all, but he also regards this training as a good way to restore his physical fitness and is very actively involved in it.


Such two “veteran players” who do not need physical testing set an example and ran very seriously between the two end lines of the court. Not only did they reflect their professional attitude towards daily training, but at the same time, they were like other players in the team. This very profound demonstration effect greatly promoted the improvement of the training quality of the whole team.


   Players "touch high" test is most concerned by fans


   In fact, this year's CBA physical test can receive so much attention, and another reason is that many basic player data tests have been added to the physical test. And compared to the two tests of strength shooting and speed endurance, which have certain standards, the basic data test is actually more like a "physical examination" rather than a physical test in the traditional sense.


  Because this part of the player’s basic data is mainly on-site measurement, which is used to reflect the player’s current objective physical condition and some physiological functions. These data do not have a "standard" to measure whether a player has passed or not, it is just a simple measurement and recording, so it does not require players to spend energy to prepare specifically.


However, the measurement of these basic data is actually more concerned than those two special tests, because the basic data that needs to be measured for the players this year has increased in addition to the inherent height and weight of previous years. Measurement of detailed data such as arm span, palm width, and physiological index tests such as blood pressure, body fat, and blood oxygen concentration.


   Among all the data that needs to be measured, the one that attracts the most attention from fans and is also the most topical is the player's "touch-up" test. Specifically, it is to measure the highest height that a player's fingertips can reach when taking off in situ. This test can usually reflect the explosiveness of a player's jumping ability. Although the measurement standards are different for players in different positions, it is easy for fans to find enough topics from the most intuitive jumping ability. Sex.


And most importantly, this data is rarely tested in previous CBA players, so when fans talk about how high a player can "jump", they can only pass some dunks and blocks in the game. In technical actions, the analysis is vague, but it is difficult to have a clear comparison for those players whose performance is relatively close.


Therefore, after adding more detailed measurement content this year, on the one hand it shows that the CBA League pays more attention to the high-level data of players. At the same time, it also brings a full topicality to the fans by quantifying these obscure data in the past. And mystery.


   For example, before the physical test of Liaoning Basketball Team today, while the Liaoning fans are looking forward to the smooth pass of the whole team, the most curious thing in their hearts may be who in the team has the best high score? After today's physical test, once the answer is revealed, it will inevitably become a new topic that fans talk about!


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