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bobo体育直播|泰达高层早已震怒称要给球队紧紧扣 还有压哨签?

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  Source: New Vision of Sports


   On September 28, in the final match of the first stage of the Chinese Super League (Suzhou Division), Tianjin TEda drew 0-0 with Wuhan Zall.


   But as the saying goes, knowing the shame and then courageous, knowing the inadequacy and forging ahead, the deep inside of the successful strong people often have a history of humiliation. I hope the TEDA team can face up to their weaknesses and shortcomings and regroup in the second stage of the relegation battle. After all, only oneself can control their own destiny.


   This game is subject to personnel restrictions. Wang Baoshan has a 4-4-1-1 rotation lineup and Achim Peng appears in the center position. Although the players performed very hard and the team created scoring opportunities, they were still unable to knock on the opponent's goal. The only gratifying thing is that, thanks to the hard work of the players, the TEDA team has zero opponents for the first time this season.

该游戏受人员限制。王宝山的轮换阵容为4-4-1-1,阿齐姆·彭(Achim Peng)居中。尽管球员们表现非常努力,球队创造了得分机会,但他们仍然无法击败对手的进球。唯一可喜的是,由于球员们的努力,泰达队本赛季首次出现零对手。







Two and a half months ago, if someone predicted that Tianjin TEda could not win a single 14 games in the first stage of the Chinese Super League, you would definitely think he was talking crazy, but with this round of league TEDA 0-0 draw with Wuhan Zall , This almost impossible thing actually happened. For the TEDA team, the past two and a half months have been like a horrible and long nightmare. The opening season has 14 rounds with 3 draws and 11 losses. It is difficult to win a win. Not only has it created the longest unbeaten record in team history, but also set a new In the 2013 season, Yatai set a record for the longest league start without winning 13 rounds. Regardless of the TEDA team record in the second stage, the team's 2020 season is destined to leave this shameful mark.


   There is no love and hate for no reason in the world, and there is no undefeated or invincible on the court for no reason. Perhaps the outcome of a game is accidental, but there must be a reason for the invincibility of so many consecutive games. For the TEDA team, although the result of 14 rounds is embarrassing, it is not the most important thing. The most important thing is to figure out the reasons to ensure that the second stage will not repeat the same mistakes.




Looking back at these 14 rounds, you can say that TEDA has poor ball luck, constant injuries, and repeated misjudgments by the referee, but it should be said that these are objective factors. In the final analysis, TEDA's 14-round victory comes down to two points: One is that the team's core competitiveness is not enough; the other is that players lack the attitude of fighting for belief, reputation and commitment.




There is a sentence in the movie "Infernal Affairs", "You must pay it back when you come out." In fact, in a sense, the TEDA team is now paying off the 7th place in the league last year-meeting a good coach and meeting A group of good foreign players came across a season that always had intermittent periods. TEDA team set the best record in the league in 9 years, but such a record makes people forget that this is a team that has fought for relegation four times in five years. However, even the TEDA team themselves were deceived by such results. If the entire central axis was traded and the team was not sufficiently vigilant, with the defeat and defeat in the league, people suddenly discovered that the original TEDA’s The strength suddenly dropped so much.

电影“无间道”中有一句话,“出来时必须还钱。”实际上,从某种意义上讲,TEDA团队现在已经在联盟中获得了第七名的好成绩,这是一位出色的bobo体育网站教练并结识了一位优秀的外国球员。 TEDA队创下了9年来联盟最好的战绩,但这样的战绩使人们忘记了这支球队在5年内四次降级。但是,即使是TEDA团队本身也被这种结果所欺骗。如果整个交易中心都被交易了,而球队却没有保持足够的警惕性,并且在联盟中屡败屡战,人们会突然发现原始的泰达的力量突然下降了很多。



In fact, under the condition of locking the bottom of the group in advance, even if TEDA wins this round against Zall, it is different from sweeping the previous shame, but Tianjin fans still hope that the team can use a victory to end the first stage of the league. Because this is not only about face and dignity, but also about the survival environment of the team in the second stage of the league. But what is regrettable is that the TEDA team failed to pierce the window paper after all. What is even more regrettable is that the TEDA team had a chance to win this three-pointer.






This may be one of the worst matches the Wuhan team played this season, but TEDA unexpectedly arranged a semi-main and semi-substitute lineup. The two center forwards Li Ma and Xiao Zhi who started the game were on the bench. On standby, Ahmedov and Bai Yuefeng did not even enter the roster. Of course, this kind of rotation is understandable when multiple players on the team are injured and physically fatigued. However, when the game situation is dominant or even besieging the opponent, the TEDA team did not make the full game until the 90th minute of the game. The only time it was replaced was when another substitute Zhao Yingjie replaced Cha Shiwei, which seemed a bit conservative.


   In addition, after Achim Peng missed a penalty against Shanghai SIPG, Wang Baoshan told him frankly that he would not be allowed to take another penalty in the future. In the previous match with the Chongqing team, even if the eager Bass also missed the penalty, the team still did not risk letting Achim Peng take the penalty. However, the TEDA team won another penalty this round, but Wang Baoshan did not continue to prevent the Ghanaians from taking the penalty. As a result, Achim Peng kicked the TEDA team to victory. Perhaps, Wang Baoshan did not continue to insist, but also wanted Achim Peng to break the scoring shortage as soon as possible, to get rid of the pressure to usher in an outbreak, but Achim Peng did not score a penalty, and his psychological shadow was even greater.

另外,在阿希姆·彭(Achim Peng)对上海SIPG的处罚不成立后,王宝山坦率地告诉他,以后将不再允许他再度处罚。在与重庆队的上一场比赛中,即使热切的巴斯也错过了点球,球队仍然没有冒险让阿奇姆·彭(Achim Peng)罚球。但是,泰达队在本轮比赛中又获得了点球,但王宝山并没有继续阻止加纳人接受点球。结果,阿奇姆·彭(Achim Peng)踢了泰达队胜利。也许,王宝山没有继续坚持,而是还希望彭定康尽快摆脱得分短缺的局面,摆脱爆发疾病的压力,但彭明珠并没有得分,而且他的心理阴影更大。

   Now, TEDA is one step closer to the longest record of 17 rounds of unwinners set by the Beijingers last season. The only good news is that this 0-0 is the only zero-closing opponent for TEDA in the first 14 games of the first stage. Of course, no matter how resuming the game is now meaningless, a slightly cruel reality is: TEDA, you don’t have many rounds to win...




   Now that the first stage of the Chinese Super League is over, the TEDA team can finally stay away from football for a while, and no longer need to live in the shadow of trembling on thin ice all day long. However, this is only the last moment of tranquility on the eve of the final battle. On October 2nd, the TEDA team will resume training and prepare for the first round of the relegation knockout on October 16th and the life and death duel of Shenzu.

现在,中国超级联赛的第一阶段已经结束,泰达队终于可以远离足球了一段时间,不再需要整天在冰上颤抖的阴影中生活。但是,这只是最后一战前夕宁静的最后时刻。 10月2日,开发区队将恢复训练并为10月16日降级淘汰赛的第一轮比赛和神族的生死对决作准备。

   In the past half a month, what exactly should TEDA do to make the team present in front of everyone with a completely new look? First of all, of course, the introduction of strong support. Soares has arrived in China. He is undergoing a 14-day quarantine medical observation in Tianjin. After the quarantine is lifted, he will have less than a week to run in with the team; and, although the TEDA team is currently 5 Two unlimited domestic aid quotas and 7 foreign aid registration quotas have been used up,




   In addition, it is also important to achieve the ultimate in preparation for war. In fact, the TEDA team was completely defeated in the first stage. It was not so much that it was lost to the opponent, but it was lost to its own negligence, carelessness, recklessness and arrogance. Now the team's lineup is neatly rebuilt, and it must be in terms of skills and tactics and research on opponents. Do your homework and stop fighting unprepared. Fortunately, under this special competition system this year, there are only a few opponents that the TEDA team will encounter in the second phase of the knockout. Since the team's preparations are more targeted, it must be prepared well. For a team with insufficient athletic warfare ability, set-ball offensive tactics are very important. TEDA's first goal of the season came from Rong Hao's free kick. Now, including the new aid Suarez, the TEDA team already has three high center forwards. The card around the high center forwards should be the focus of preparation for the TEDA team in the next half month. To

此外,取得最终的战争准备也很重要。实际上,TEDA团队在第一阶段就被彻底击败。输给对手的不是太多,而是输给了自己的疏忽,粗心,鲁ck和傲慢。现在,球队的阵容已经整齐地重建了,必须在技巧和战术以及对对手的研究方面。做好家庭作业,并停止无准备的战斗。幸运的是,在今年的特殊比赛体系下,泰达队在淘汰赛第二阶段只会遇到少数对手。由于团队的准备工作更具针对性,因此必须做好准备。对于一支缺乏运动作战能力的球队来说,定球进攻战术非常重要。 TEDA本赛季的第一个进球来自荣浩的任意球。现在,包括新的援助苏亚雷斯在内,泰达队已经拥有三名高中锋前锋。高中锋周围的卡片应该是下半个月泰达团队准备的重点。至


  Also, in the first stage of the league, the TEDA players who lost consecutive games in a row are already mentally numb, and it is not ruled out that some people have already considered their future. It is precisely because the hearts of the people have dispersed that the team is not easy to lead. Therefore, on this issue, the TEDA coaching staff must be strict and disciplined, while helping the players to restore their confidence and self-esteem, but also to cultivate team spirit and collective Sense of honor, establish a sense of competition and struggle.








   In other games in the Suzhou division, Chongqing Dangdai beat Shanghai SIPG 1-0, Hebei China Fortune beat Qingdao Huanghai Qinggang 3-1, and Beijing Zhonghe Guoan beat Shijiazhuang Yongchang 4-0. At this point, the second stage of the Chinese Super League championship and relegation group is officially released. The first round of the first round will start on October 16.




   A1 (Hengda) VS B4 (China)

A1(恒大)VS B4(中国)

   A2 (Suning) VS B3 (Contemporary)

A2(苏宁)VS B3(当代)

   A3 (Luneng) VS B2 (Guoan)

   A3 (l u能) vs B2 (GU o按)

A4 (Shenhua) vs B1 (Shanghai)

A4 (S很滑) vs B1 (Shanghai)



   A5 (deep foot) VS B8 (TEda)

A5(深脚)VS B8(TEda)

   A6 (R&F) VS B7 (Yellow Sea)

A6(富力)VS B7(黄海)

   A7 (Dalian) VS B6 (Yongchang)

   A7 (Dalian) vs B6 (Yong长)

   A8 (Jianye) VS B5 (Zall)

A8(建业)VS B5(Zall)

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