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In August of the second year of Liang Taiqing (548), the bereavement dog Hou Jing made a list to Emperor Wu Emperor Xiao Yan of Liang, and made an earth-shattering request to marry a woman from Wang Xie's family.


The Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties paid attention to identity and paid attention to the family, which was a hundred times stronger than today. As a Jie Ren general, in the marriage circle of the Southern Dynasty, he was already at the bottom of the chain of contempt. If such a low-level man does not live well with the Lu snake girl of his own rank, and dares to open his mouth to marry the daughters of the Wang family and the Xie family at the top of the pyramid, his face will definitely turn yellow.


Hou Jing just did it. Unexpectedly, Emperor Liang Wu slapped him in the face. Ordinary people are rejected, they may go home for two days depressed, and it will pass, but who is Hou Jing? The two or five fiercest in the Northern and Southern Dynasties. Such speculators will obviously not let go.


When Emperor Wu of Liang refused Hou Jing, he probably didn't take this husband too seriously. But beyond everyone's expectation, Hou Jing, who was despised, eventually starved to death of Emperor Wu of Liang, forced his son to death, and forcibly married Emperor Wu of Liang's granddaughter, and gave himself the title of the most arrogant in history-General of the Universe.


Everything starts from a dream.


When modern people are looking for a job, they change jobs too frequently and are easily rejected by HR. Traditional Chinese pay attention to the loyalty of officials, and a person who has changed his boss several times has a bad character. Hou Jing's "job-hopping" reputation has long been heard by Minister Liang. So when Hou Jinglai returned, the courtiers all jumped out to protest, how can our brilliance accept such dangerous people, shameless villains!


When an emperor wants to achieve a goal, he always has many means. One of the methods is to use feudal superstition to rationalize his behavior.


Emperor Wu of Liang was a well-known "Ning Buddha". He had sacrificed his life to Buddhist temples three times and used "redemption money" to subsidize the temple. After reading the Buddhist scriptures in the Temple of Good Words, he dreamed that Mushou of the Central Plains came to surrender with the land. Since then, the world is peaceful.


Zhu Yi, the favored courtier who is good at figuring out what he wants, distorted this dream and said it was a good sign. When Hou Jing’s messenger Ding He came to the Liang Dynasty, he also boasted that the date when Hou Jing decided to descend the Liang was the same as the date when Xiao Yan dreamed.


For this reason, Xiao Yan accepted Hou Jing's surrender.


To say that the emperor can have any lofty religious ideals, in fact there is no. Most of them simply rely on religion to consolidate their rule. Would Emperor Wu of Liang be so stupid that he changed his mind after a dream?


No. The key is that his lofty ideal of the Northern Expedition lacks the support of military capable people.


Although Hou Jing is an alien from the Northern Dynasties, as long as he can fight for me, his origin and character are not a problem.


What the Southern Dynasty relied on to compete with the Northern Dynasty was the so-called cultural Zhengshuo. Since it is an orthodox successor, of course, it is necessary to have a complete land. The restoration of the northern land appears to be crucial.


In addition to his awesome military talents, Hou Jing also brought the thirteen states of Henan like tap water. This is terrible, as if there is a beautiful bride with a million dowry. People want and dowry too. Emperor Wu of Liang Xiao Yan happily named Hou Jing the king of Henan.


At this time Emperor Wu of Liang, Duan Duan couldn't think of what kind of trouble he caused.


In the Northern and Southern Dynasties, if the children of the noble family who were reborn as Wang and Xie wanted to get ahead, the EASY mode was turned on, and Hou Jing, who was reborn as a small bastard in North Town, opened the script of HARD mode.

在南北朝时期,如果重生为王和谢的贵族家庭的孩子们想取得成功,那么EASY模式就被打开了,而重生为北城小混蛋的侯敬则开了一家。 HARD模式的脚本。

In terms of family background, generally from a family background, there is no prominent family background to get an official and a half, and it just happens to be the most chaotic time in the six northern towns.


In terms of appearance, the history books said that he was "less than seven feet long, but with sparse eyebrows" (short, but not ugly), long and short, with a limp leg, and he could not eat by his appearance.


On knowledge, there is no knowledge. Of course, in an era when knowledge was monopolized by aristocratic families, where would ordinary people have the opportunity to learn?


The road of cultural celebrities is nowhere to go. Fortunately, in that troubled time, the value of force is still very important.


According to the records, Hou Jing was "brave and brave, good at riding and shooting", and was a good official in Huaisho Town of the Northern Wei Dynasty.


After the death of Emperor Ming of the Northern Wei Dynasty, Queen Mother Hu came to court. Due to political corruption, in the fourth year of Zhengguang in the Northern Wei Dynasty (523), the Six Town Uprising broke out, and the rule of the Northern Wei Dynasty was forced to a precipice. Military tycoons from all over the world have launched their troops, hoping to take the opportunity to pick up a big bargain. Among this group of military generals, Er Zhurong is the strongest.


Hou Jing saw Er Zhu Rong gain the power, so he led his army to worship the dock. It was also strange that Hou Jing, who had no "earlobes over the shoulders and hands over the knees", could make Er Zhurong feel that he was a talent, and immediately left him as a little brother.


In fact, Er Zhurong is not a careless person. The tomb of Hou Jing's father is in Shuozhou, and his Shuozhou identity should be beyond doubt. Of course, the Hou clan in Shuozhou is not as high as the noble family, but they are also considered local tyrants. According to records, Hou Jing's ancestors and the concubine Hou clan of Emperor Xianwen Tuobahong of the Northern Wei Dynasty may be of the same race. But Hou Jing's father had already declined when Hou Jing was born, otherwise Hou Jing would not be reduced to being a street fighter. Hou Jing's origin should be the important reason why Er Zhurong regards him as a confidant.


In addition to shouting to each other fellow villagers, Hou Jing is also a fierce general. In the fourth year of Xiaochang in the Northern Wei Dynasty (528), Er Zhurong sent Hou Jing as a pioneer to ask for the rebels in Hanoi. Hou Jing not only broke the rebel army, but also captured the leader of the rebel army Ge Rong. Hou Jing, who proved his strength, was promoted to Dingzhou governor, Daxingtai, and was also named a Puyang county official.


However, Er Zhurong's scenery cannot be maintained for too long. During the Heyin Change, Er Zhurong massacred the Northern Wei Dynasty's royal family and hundreds of officials, and planted too many enemies. In the third year of Yong'an (530 years), Emperor Xiaozhuang of the Northern Wei Dynasty punishable.


Hou Jing, who does not value benevolence, justice, etiquette, and wisdom, saw the boss Er Zhurong being killed, and his old friend Gao Huan set himself up, so he immediately changed to Gao Huan's sect.


This kind of behavior now seems to be very clumsy, but in that era when changing the emperor was faster than changing clothes, military commanders were less concerned about loyalty. In troubled times, fist is the last word. Hou Jing was an old acquaintance of Gao Huan when he was an officer in Huaisho. Relying on his old love points, he joined Gao Huan's camp without any effort.


Gao Huan, the ancestor of the Northern Qi Dynasty, was born in Bohaixian County (now south of Jingxian County, Hebei), but when Gao Huan was born, his family had already moved to Huaisho to settle down. When Gao Huan became an adult, he became a low-level military official in the Northern Wei Dynasty. During this period, his friends such as Hou Jing, Liu Gui, Jia Xianzhi and others became his brothers and sisters who would fight the world.


Hou Jing happily followed the new boss Gao Huan to KO the old boss.


Hou Jing, who has been a small country bully since childhood, is not only good at riding and shooting, but also very talented in war strategy. Hou Jing had studied the art of war with Murong Shaozong (although he was defeated on the battlefield by his teacher) and learned how to learn, but Murong Shaozong turned around and asked Hou Jing.


Hou Jing, who has repeatedly made outstanding achievements, is highly regarded by the new boss. He serves as Situ with a rocket-like ascent speed and can command an army of 100,000. During Gao Huan's control of the political situation of the Eastern Wei Dynasty, he was able to concentrate on fighting the Western Wei Dynasty, and Lai Hou Jing was also responsible for defending his southern turf.


Subordinates work for the boss, and looking at the boss's face does not mean that they have to buy the boss's son. It's just that in ancient times, loyal officials like Zhuge Liang often recognized the master's son as the new master after the master's death. Hou Jing dismissed this approach. Gao Huan is the boss, and Gao Huan’s son Gao Cheng is no longer considered the boss by Hou Jing.


In the fifth year of Wuding in the Eastern Wei Dynasty (547), the prime minister Gao Huan passed away. After Gao Cheng came to power, he hurriedly summoned Hou Jing, who was then Situ and Daxingtai in Henan Province, into the court. Hou Jing saw that something was wrong, and immediately rebelled against Henan. To


When Gao Huan was still alive, Hou Jing already looked down on Gao Cheng, this ass kid, saying that he still didn't dare to make trouble with Gao Huan, but after Gao Huan died, he didn't want to play with "Xianbei Children". Gao Cheng, what do you think Hou Jing is?


Anyway, both sides dislike each other. When Gao Huan was about to die, he knew what kind of urine Hou Jing was, and said to his son: "The only one who can handle Hou Jing is Murong Shaozong. I deliberately don't praise Murong Shaozong. I keep it for you. You have to treat him well."


Gao Cheng, who was already prepared, sent Sikong Hangui to encircle Hou Jing in Yingchuan. The besieged Hou Jing first took out six states to surrender to the Western Wei Dynasty, and soon took all his belongings-Henan thirteen states surrendered to Liang Dynasty.


Gao Cheng has a good mind. He beat Hou Jing vigorously while persuading him to surrender. After surrendering, he can be a Yuzhou governor for a lifetime, and he will return your wife and children to you.


Hou Jing was not stupid and determined not to surrender. From the first month of the fifth year of Wuding (547) to August, this soldier rebelled against the Eastern Wei Dynasty and prevailed. The killer Gao Huan left to his son-Murong Shaozong, defeated Liang Jun who had assisted Hou Jing in Hanshan, and turned around to chase Hou Jing. Hou Jing turned into a mourning dog in an instant and left Liang Chao's Shouyang City.


At first, Hou Jing realized that the Eastern Wei Dynasty could not stay any longer, and the enemy's enemy was my friend, so he ran to the Western Wei Dynasty to seek refuge in Yuwentai. Yu Wentai, the actual ruler of the Western Wei Dynasty, also coveted Hou Jing's thirteen states, but his sober mind reminded him that Hou Jing was unreliable! Zuo Pu shot Yu Jin in the court and Wang Yue in Daxingtai Zuo Cheng thought that Hou Jing was difficult to use, but Wang Sizheng, the governor of Jingzhou, offered to take the opportunity to win Henan. The different attitudes of courtiers made Yu Wentai seem stubborn to Hou Jing. At first, he gave Hou Jing a little bit of sweetness and helped Hou Jing overcome the encirclement of Yingchuan. Later, he wanted to take the opportunity to pit him into the court and seize his military power.


Angrily, Hou Jing said that both Wei and Wei were gone, and I went to the Southern Dynasty to break new ground! Only then chose to take refuge in Emperor Liang Wu Xiao Yan.


The Eastern Wei, Western Wei, and Liang originally depended on a delicate balance to maintain stability. Hou Jing's rebellion broke this balance. Although Hou Jing cannot fight against any of the three, the land and population of Henan's thirteen states cannot be ignored.


For the three regimes, if Hou Jing can't be used by me, then get rid of him.


Emperor Wu of Liang had just taken over Hou Jing's mess and sent his nephew Zhenyang Hou Xiao Yuanming to support, but he waited for a heavy blow. The Gao family had already guarded against Hou Jing's rebellion and was fully prepared.


In August of the fifth year of Wuding (547), Xiao Yuanming led an army of 100,000 to support. In November, Gaocheng's army beat Liang Jun to the top, tied Xiao Yuanming, forced Hou Jing away, and regained the lost ground.

武定第五年(547年)的八月,肖元明率领十万人的军队支援。 11月,Gao城大军击败梁军,将萧远明并列,迫使侯敬赶走,并重新夺回了失地。

Without the land, Hou Jing's value dropped drastically.


Emperor Wu of Liang was very angry. I want you to come, one is for your fighting power, and the other is for your land. As a result, you fought so weakly in the war and lost all the land. What do you want Hou Jing to do? Think about it, leaving Hou Jing is not a cost-effective business, so hurry up while this person can still sell by the catty.


In the Eastern Wei Dynasty, Gaocheng sent someone to make a settlement, saying that both sides are easy to talk. In this situation, Hou Jing is a bit scared, what if the new boss really sells me? So fake Gao Cheng wrote a letter to Emperor Wu of Liang, saying that if he handed over his enemy Hou Jing, he would get his nephew Xiao Yuanming back. Emperor Wu of Liang agreed.


Knowing that the new boss wanted to make a deal with him, Hou Jing didn't make a fight.


Hou Jing, who is afraid that he will be unjustly killed one day, discusses countermeasures with his subordinates. Wang Wei suggested that Hou Jing just stand up and fight back. Hou Jing agreed.


Wang Wei, Chen Liuren, can be called the most educated doglegs of Hou Jing. He is an indispensable figure in Hou Jing's path to usurp the throne. Hou Jing was only capable of fighting soldiers, and writing all kinds of official documents would cost him his old life, and it was Wang Wei's ghostwriting. The political plan also depends on Wang Wei's guidance behind the scenes. The Hou's No. 1 adviser had a tragic ending after Hou Jing was destroyed.


When Hou Jing rebelled against the Eastern Wei Dynasty, his wife and children remained at home. Being implicated by the head of the family, Gao Cheng was all executed. I don't know if it was to paralyze Emperor Wu of Liang, or really want to marry another family, Hou Jing sent someone to show to Emperor Wu of Liang, asking the emperor to give him a marriage.


The gift of marriage is a small case, but the object of the request is the family of the gentry chief Wang Xie, which is a big problem. Not to mention the low-status Jie Ren Wufu like Hou Jing, but the noble clans dare to look down upon the royal family. How could they marry their daughter to someone like Hou Jing. Even if the emperor orders them, they will never obey.


Emperor Wu of Liang said politely that the family of Wang and Xie families are too noble, why don't you try the Zhang Zhu family who is less likely to ask for a kiss?


Hou Jing was not happy to hear such words! Swear a poisonous oath, in the future, you will all be rationed to slaves as wives!


This terrible oath was actually realized.


Dare to think and do is one of Hou Jing's "advantages". In order to fulfill the oath, he secretly conspired with the other nephew of Emperor Wu of Liang, the minister of the clan, Xiao Zhengde, to raise troops. Hou Jing lied to Xiao Zhengde, and after the matter was done, he would give up the throne.


In his early years, Xiao Yan had no children and adopted Xiao Zhengde as his son. When his son Xiao Gang was born, Xiao Zhengde's spare tire was abandoned and he was named Xifenghou. The crown prince that was readily available flew away, leaving a deep wound on Xiao Zhengde's little mind, so it hit Hou Jing on a hit. I don’t want to think about it. Suddenly someone is cooperating with you to do a violent thing, and they also give you all the benefits. Isn’t it troublesome?


In August of the second year of Liang Taiqing (548), Hou Jing launched his army in Shouyang and took down Qiaozhou and Liyang with the speed of thunder. Xiao Yan thought, because Hou Jing couldn't cross the Yangtze River even with this Hou Jing, he only sent Wang Zhi with 3,000 men to the riverside to take precautions.


Li Ling fainted, Xiao Zhengde wanted to be an emperor and was crazy, so he gave Hou Jing money and weapons. On October 22 of the same year, Xiao Zhengde sent dozens of ships to help Hou Jing cross the Yangtze River. Because of the inner ghost, Liang Chao's defense was broken quickly.


The good life in Jiangnan has been too long, and the sudden appearance of Hou Jing's army caused great panic.


Jiankang Ling Yu Xin (the person who wrote the "Sai Jiang Nan Fu"), the Prince's Family Ling Wang Zhi, and the light car captain Shi Xiexi all escaped. Only the official Shang Shu Yang Kan was still struggling to command the fight. After Yang Kan died of illness, the trapped soldiers and civilians could only wait for reinforcements in fear.


The 300-odd Wanqin King Master near Jiankang watched Hou Jing attack the city for more than a hundred days, and most of the residents in the city died. Hou and Liang were deadlocked, Hou Jing pretended to negotiate a peace. Xiao Yan and his son Xiao Gang had no intention of fighting, so they really believed that concessions would allow Hou Jing to retreat.


At the end of February in the third year of the Taiqing Dynasty (549), the Liang Dynasty and Hou Jingshen made a truce for the alliance and ordered reinforcements to put away their weapons. Unexpectedly, after more than ten days, Hou Jing showed a hideous face again, and continued to fight after supplementing grain.


On March 12, Taicheng fell. On the way Hou Jing attacked the city, he condoned the soldiers to kill and plunder. The corpses were piled up and the road was blocked. The people were driven to build earth mountains. The old, weak and sick were killed and used to fill the mountains. It also encourages generals to kill, so that people in the world "know my prestige." The people in Jiankang City were unable to comply with the death, and local tycoons and people spontaneously organized resistance.


He fulfilled his poisonous oath and massacred Wang Xie's clan and the Xiao clan, and the women of the clan were rationed to soldiers as slaves.


Emperor Liang Wu, who once wanted to sell Hou Jing to Gao Cheng, was confined and starved to death in Jingju Hall. Poor, the 38-year-old Emperor Liang Wu, who ruled for 47 years, died at the hands of the surrender Hou Jing.


The foreign enemy is currently, and the Xiao family of the Liang Dynasty is still fighting for the throne. The imperial family of Xiao Liang survived in name only.


Xiao Zhengde, an idiot, never expected that he was just a tool man. Within a few months of becoming emperor, Hou Jing ran out and threw it away.


Hou Jing skipped Xiao Zhengde and established Prince Xiao Gang as the puppet emperor. The first thing he did was to ask Xiao Gang a title that could brighten the world.


Xiao Gang, who was later Emperor Liang Jianwen, was handed down to later generations with poetry. This talented literary youth could not make up a title that satisfies Hou Jing.


The land occupied by Hou Jing at the beginning was only slightly larger than that of Jiankang. As the territory continued to expand, he began to feel that he was too awesome. How might he be worthy of me, General Hou Jing? Xiao Gang's children can only think of some literary titles, not domineering at all.


After thinking about it, he simply drafted the edict on behalf of Xiao Gang, and in it he thought of a title that we think is magical and he seems to be a wonderful general-the general of the universe.


Xiao Gang could not think of such a name, and normal people could not think of such a name. But Hou Jing became the "universal general" as he wished.


However, this cosmic general failed to unify the universe in the end.


The humiliation of the rejection of the proposal of Wang Xie's woman has been vented. Whom should the General Universe marry as his wife?


Hou Jing, 47, shamelessly asked the emperor to marry his 14-year-old daughter, Princess Liyang. Don't scold Xiao Gang, the emperor as cowardly and incompetent. According to the situation at the time, this marriage had to be made if it was willing or unwilling.


There used to be a nursery rhyme saying "Shouyang comes to Qingsi and white horse." In order to fulfill the nursery rhyme, Hou Jing rode a white horse with a green silk as the bridle. Later, it was really time to win the battle.


After marrying the beautiful princess, a few days after his wife and children were hot on the bed, the General Universe continuously suppressed the vassals and hostile forces in the Liang Dynasty.


I don't know if the name sounds too domineering, but Hou Jing's luck has been defeated, and this battle has been repeatedly defeated. Maybe Hou Jing gave himself the title of General Dog Left, and he could still support him in a low name.


Hou Jing took advantage of the chaos to attack the Jingzhou Navy with Ren Yi as a forward. Ren Yue was a general of the Western Wei Dynasty who defected to Hou Jing before he descended on Liang, and his combat effectiveness was also leveraged. But Hou Jun was still beaten by the opponent. In February of the first year of Liang Dabao (550 years), Hou Jing supported Ren Yue. He was defeated in the Battle of Chiting and was defeated. Ren Yue was captured.


In the second year of Dabao (551 years), the generals under the command of Xiangdong King Xiao Yi, Hu Sengyou and Wang Sengbian beat Hou Jing all over the floor looking for teeth, and the General Universe fled back to Jiankang City griefly.


Dogs would jump the wall in a hurry, Hou Jing felt the pressure from all directions, thinking that he had become a general of the universe, or he had never been an emperor, so he had to find a way to be an emperor.


In October of the same year, Xiao Gang was deposed, and soon afterwards he was murdered by Hou Jing's men. Hou Jing pushed Yuzhang King Xiaodong up to the emperor's throne for a few days, and he couldn't wait to ascend himself as the emperor, with the country name Han.


Every founding emperor would climb the dragon and attach the phoenix, wishing to describe the eighteenth generations of his ancestors as high-ranking officials. But when it comes to Hou Jing, it really cannot be edited.


Wang Wei, the first counselor, asked Hou Jing's ancestors, and the first emperors had to welcome them into the temple to eat incense. Hou Jing didn't even know what his ancestor's name was. He only remembered his father's name as A Biao. He didn't remember the others, which caused people to laugh secretly.


Wang Wei thought about it, the meeting was not successful, so he could just think of a new one, so he thought of an ancestor like Situ Houba of the Han Dynasty for Hou Jing.


In the ancestral temple of the "Han" dynasty, the ancestors of Hou Jing, who did not exist at all, were enshrined.


Wang Sengbian is still working hard to capture Hou Jing. This person Hou Jing, you can let him fight a battle, let him have political wisdom, it is difficult for a strong man. He did a brain-dead thing-dig Wang Sengbian's ancestral grave. The Wang Seng who might have been fighting Hou Jing on a mission, then became dead and alive with Hou Jing, and madly marched into Jiankang City.


Even people like Hou Jing were afraid of the fierce offensive. He took his two sons with him and once again abandoned the city and slipped away.


But this time he was not so lucky.


On the way, scared by the chasing soldiers, Hou Jing took care of his escape, and even threw his son into the water. When he fled to Hudouzhou, the former prince Sheren Yang Kun killed him, and the body was transported to Wang Sengbian.


Hou Jing presumptuously sought to grasp authority and did a lot of evil, which was neither popular nor talented. He single-handedly disrupted the evenly matched powers of the North and South regimes. With the shame of rejection of his marriage proposal, he retaliated cruelly against the South, which in a disguised form contributed to the growth of the northern regime.


The turmoil called "Hou Jing's Rebellion" by later generations was a cultural disaster (burning more than 30,000 books in the Liang Dynasty) and the end of the Jiangnan gentry. The gentry who escaped by chance, ran to Jiangling and went to Xiao Yi, but their anger was not straightened out. The Western Wei Dynasty came again and were taken into captivity together.


Because of Ra’s hatred too much, Hou Jing was "dismembered" after his death. His hand was given to Gao Yang in Northern Qi, his head was sent to Jiangling, and the remaining body was hung in the street in Jiankang.


The local people hated Hou Jing to death and scrambled to share his meat, even the princess Liyang who was forced to marry Hou Jing had a share. After the meat was divided, the bones were burnt to ashes, and someone threw their ashes in wine to relieve their hatred.


Emperor Liang Yuan, Xiao Yi, who had obtained Hou Jing's head, ordered the head to be hung on the busy market, and then made into a "specimen" and kept in the arsenal.


The life of the Great General of the Universe came to an end, but his historical influence on the political situation of the Southern and Northern Dynasties still echoed in the Central Plains.


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